A core part of being a government official is the passion to serve. Most human beings believe that nothing is more fundamental than the desire to serve others.

People who chose to work in government  faces lots of challenges. Citizens are often critical of government workers and officials and the word “bureaucracy” has become a negative word. It stands for red tape and poor service. That is an impression that public servants need to expunge.

But with the Duterte administration, government has become definite in delivering quality and timely services. A government that ensures  the so-called community participation and people empowerment.

I firmly believe that the government is not the problem. The lack of Serving Leadership in government is the problem. Government is only as effective as the leadership within it, and now more than ever, governments in the Philippines need Serving Leaders. Leaders that think for the betterment of the people rather than their personal gains.

As a Local Chief Executive of the municipality of Nunungan with the entire officialdom, we assure to give nothing but our very best in serving you better. We will work hand in hand to achieve the long ridden dream in alleviating the lives of the people in our communities. And together, we will pull out the general populace from abject poverty.

Maghiusa Kita Mga Taga Nunungan!