Officials of the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Region 10 led by no less than the Regional Director Carlene Collado made their personal visit to Nunungan Lake and met up-close with the people living in the area who are engaged in small scale fish-raising or aquaculture.

The team was accompanied by Nunungan Mayor Marcos Mamay with Provincial Agriculturist Letecia Ditucalan. However, the group appreciates the vast agricultural lands in Nunungan dedicated to farming.

Mayor Mamay delighted with the visit made by DA personnel and witnessed the homegrown potential of producing freshwater Tilapia and other fish species of the lake’s small water farms.

“Nunungan Lake is one the important sources of people’s daily subsistence. Residents living in this area relied on fishing, so this lake is very important to us, napaka importante, and we want more initiative to help us sustain the productivity of the lake,” said Mayor Mamay.

DA and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) have been working in tandem to promote sustainable and environment-friendly backyard aquaculture while helping improve food security, tourism, and people’s income.