Distinguished guests, my dearest classmates or mistahs in the Philippine Military Academy, Sirs and Boks, Ladies and Gentlemen, still happy New Year and Happy Valentines.

With candid and sincerity, I am affectionately emotional today because for several years since we departed from each other from our beloved Alma Mater, the esteemed and remarkable Philippine Military Academy, all of you are hounding in my solitary dreams, seeing how we tearfully shared the agony of the breezing cold of Baguio City, the horrifying shouts of our superiors for various commands, the death defying challenges of bunches of trainings and painful ordeals and the like, so forth and so on. All these varying terrible experiences molded and shaped us as what we are now physically, mentally, and behaviorally.

To bring us back in the PMA, always recall, the bunched booked amalgamationof rules, laws, principles, doctrines and ideologies injected into our hearts and minds by our institution, the Philippine MilItary Academy from the start to the end, and I summarized them into one sentence, that is “Man is created on earth to establish an ideal family to form a placid community of love in a civilized society of harmony, to create a country of solidarity and prosperity, under a regime of equality, justice, respect for human rights, democracy and freedom from fear and criminalities in the path and glory of God.”

We were trained for the welfare and protection of the Filipino nation, for the Republic of the Philippines and for the satisfaction and magnificence of the almighty God who cares for us and to whom we shall all return. The best soldier is the soldier of God and country, and the best politician is a politician of God and Republic.

I am very certain that after our training at PMA, some continue to uphold the ideals of the Academy, some did not. Those who remained loyal to the vision-mission of PMA deserve the congratulations of everyone , those who did not, deserve our prayers for their survival.

After my departure from the Academy, i was asking myself “What is life after PMA?” I answered myself by following the teaching of PMA. I said to myself, if i survived the painful ordeals of PMA, why I can not survive the challenges of achieving success the rest of my life. I got copy of the HollyQur-an translated in English,


I got copy of the DILG book and the Philippine Constitution. I secured copies of the world history and Philippine history and continued reading them thoroughly, got their lessons, got their techniques and styles in givernance, and socially mixed-up myself in the community, especially in my native municipality, Nunungan, Lanao del Norte. I fraternalized myself with all the people especially the poor. I saw and feel their problems and needs, I organized the youth sector to help me organizing  the entire municipality with the advices of the elders and finally come up with the feasibility study of effectively addressing the problems of the place. Hence, on May 9, 2016, I was brought by the peopleto mayorship, defeating and breaking the stronghold of the seasoned politician who held the position for 30 years.

My dear fellow Associates, my victory was not only due to my capacity but the mercy of God and the sympathy of the people of Nunungan due to my upbringings, culture, and training from PMA about love, the needy, the weak, the innocent, the oppressed, the youth and the elderly. With the help of God through my strong attachment to the PNP and AFP with the cooperation of my constituents, I proudly inform you that Nunungan, Lanao del Norte is totally drug free and almost crime free area.

Before ending my most intimate conversation with you my dearest fellow associates, guests, ladies and gentlemen, may I most respectfully remind youthat life in this world is only temporary. Everything we earned materially and the status and positions we hold will leave behind. We shall be taking journey to our supposed permanent life, and that is herefter. The only thing we could leave behind are 1. Our good reputation that we have made in providing better life for our people and 2. Our legacies we made that make life easier and happier for everyone. We, PMA products must be the supposed model citizens and individuals in our society and country. Let us give and dedicate our everything for God, our Republic and the Filipino nation. I love you all and long live.

Thank you very much.