“A country cannot be truly democratic until its citizens have the opportunity to choose and exercise their rights through elections that are free and fair” according to President Rodrigo Duterte prior to holding of the 2nd round plebiscite in Lanao del Norte.

Nunungan residents especially women have exercised their full civil liberties and able to freely participate in the recent plebiscite. They were at the forefront who helped the timeliness and credible election result.

Local officials of Nunungan headed by Mayor Marcos Mamay have expressed their gratitude to all for making the recent plebiscite peacefully conducted.

Thanks to the AFP and PNP for peacekeeping. The COMELEC for earlier delivery of election paraphernalias and ensuring smooth election process. The Department of Education for giving committed Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) and to LGU employees of Nunungan who also served with courage and willpower.