Nunungan Mayor Marcos Maguindanao Mamay was awarded during the Gintong Parangal 2021 and was recognized as an Outstanding Public Servant and Advocate for Good Governance of the Year and Outstanding Performance in COVID Response for LGU. The said event was held at the Gintong Parangal held at the Grand Ballroom, Manila Hotel, on November 26, 2021.

“The Municipality of Nunungan has been mismanaged for decades, and I am grateful that our efforts for these past three years were not in vain. After thirty long years of falling asleep, our municipality’s greatness finally had its historical return,” Mayor Mamay said.

Mayor Mamay is thankful to Gintong Parangal for the award, specially it’s chairman, Atty. Constantino, for choosing him.

Mayor Mamay hoped that the town would continue to be progressive. The Gintong Parangal is not the only award that Nunungan received. The results of the people’s concerted efforts and its leaders shared a common goal of strengthening the municipality’s foundation for the next generations.