A dispute between the Ramber family and Binasing family from the Municipality of Nunungan has finally agreed to put an end to their misunderstanding by signing the Covenant of Peace and Reconciliation on August 11, 2021, at Sapad, Lanao del Norte.

The said rido lasted for more than ten years since 2010. After years of conflict, mayor Marcos Mamay earnestly thanked both families for resolving their differences and finally gave way to peace and reconciliation. He commended both families for coming forward and voluntarily agreed, consent, and approve to amicably settle and expressed their commitment to abide by the agreement.

“The Ramber and Binasing Clans finally put an end to their feud. My salute to the people behind this successful settlement and special mention to SB Lasaro Alamada, SB Elias Ali Al-haj, and Datu Karim Alando for your boundless effort in making it possible,” Mayor Mamay said.

The LGU Nunungna, headed by Mayor Mamay is always ready to serve the people and finally attain lasting peace and development in their beloved municipality.