As commitment to protect mother earth particularly the declared protected area of Nunungan comprised of four hectares,  the current administration of the municipality headed by Mayor Marcos Mamay and the entire officialdom made their commitment to curve the remaining illegal loggers secretly operating in the area.

In his message during the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting, Mayor Mamay assured the public to fully support authorities in conducting enforcement against identified persons transporting lumber in the coastal areas of the province.

He clarified that the said illegal activities have been the perenial problem happening in the area not only today but even during the previous administration.

However, Mayor Mamay said he will initiate a program that would help safeguard the remaining forest in Nunungan and at the same time help the livelihood to those involved in the illegal activity.He believes that persistence of illegal logging is due to lack of livelihood opportunities of the people involved with  reason that they need to have daily income for their subsistence.

Mayor Mamay added that , “Mother Nature is responsible for our birth and bringing us up. We grow surrounded and nourished by Her bounty. Therefore it is our supreme duty to look after Her and repay our debts to Nature”.

He asked the various agencies of the government specially the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and security forces to intensify the campaign by conducting regular roving in the area to arrest the possible violators.