As part of the government’s drive to address violent extremism in the country, a move by the NCMF-Bureau of Peace and Conflict Resolution (BPCR) and NCMF-Bureau of Muslim Settlements (BMS) puts two personalities in the limelight as the Ambassadors for Peace during a UNDP-NCMF event on January 27, 2019.

Quennie Padilla, daughter of Robin Padilla, and actor Angelo Carreon Mamay, will be launched as the newest ambassadors during the joint project called “Strengthening National and Local Resilience to Risks of Violent Extremism in the Philippines,” which will be held in the Mindanao State University Convention Center in Marawi City. As part of the program, a “General Consultative Assembly for Muslim Youth in Marawi” will also be done, wherein the presence of the ambassadors is anticipated to influence the community’s youth.

As the brainchild of BPCR Acting Director Cosanie Derongongan, the Ambassadors for Peace are envisioned to serve as role models and inspiration for Muslim Filipino youths, in congruence with the Build, Build, Build PEACE Campaign of the NCMF. This promotional activity for peace is a priority of Secretary Saidamen B. Pangarungan to address the urgent call of the community and to act upon the agenda of President Rodrigo R. Duterte with regards to curbing extremism in the region.

Congratulations to the NCMF-BPCR, NCMF-BMS, Director Derongongan and Director Naga! May all your activities result in unquestionable success, all for the sake of lasting peace in our country, most especially in Mindanao. May God swt bless us all.

Public Relations and Information Division
Bureau of External Relations-NCMF
Photo credit- Channel one Pilipinas