It cannot be denied that the municipality of Nunungan has stripped off its higher level of development with people enjoying tangible initiatives from its officials that alleviated their standard of living, pulling them from abject poverty.

A lot of things can be achieved when officials used teamwork as their core instrument in addressing unmet needs.

Mayor Marcos Mamay of Nunungan during recent confab with his colleague in the LGU emphasized the importance of collaboration.

“By communicating ideas, even embracing constructive criticism and emphasizing the importance of unity are the important assets we need to possess for us to reach the pinnacle of effective and good leadership,” Mayor Mamay stated.

Team Mamay now serving their second term of incumbency in the municipality, had already built monumental projects and transformed the minds of its people to become more receptive to other people’s ideas, an indication that the municipality has been changing and become better, progressive Nunungan.