In consonance with the mandate of alleviating awareness on the importance of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) reflected in the Proclamation No. 1870 (1979), as amended by Proclamation No. 361 (2000) and AO # 35, the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week is being commemorated annually every July 17-23.

The provincial NDPR culmination was attended by Governor Imelda Dimaporo, Vice Governor Cristy Navarro Atay and Social Services Chairperson and Gender Development Chairperson – Board Members Maida Tawantawan and PWD Federated President Dodie Alota held recently at the Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium.

The annual activity aims primarily to stimulate public awareness on the issues and problems of disability, thereby encouraging every citizen of the country to take active responsibility in steering interventions of the economic and social conditions of the PWDs’.

In line with this, the local government of Nunungan through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) attended the aforesaid event with the support of the local officials of the town.

“We are doing our best to provide the basic needs of PWDs including their families, though we don’t have enough budget to provide them 100% but rest assured, we are more than willing to seek for more opportunities by interphasing with other agencies particularly on the provision of home-based source of livelihood for their daily subsistence.” Mayor Marcos Mamay said.

According to Governor Dimaporo, there are numerous projects that the provincial government propagated to PWD’s. Thus, she encourages all local officials of the different municipalities to assist them in coming up with a project proposal so that the identification would clearly fitting to the needs of PWDs.

Vice Governor Cristy Navarro Atay emphasized the support in aid of legislation of all SP members intently for the benefit of all PWDs as aspired by the provincial governor.

Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer (PSWDO) Ms. Annabelle Mendez was elated with the warm support provided by the LGUs through their MSWDOs.

The provincial government handed over gift packs to all attending PWDs and fondly conducted Larong Pinoy that added the fun and excitement of the less-privileged individuals who are members of 13 municipal PWD chapters.