Residents of Nunungan town expressed their heartfelt gratitude as benificiaries of the Solar Electrification Project funded by the Office of Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPAPP) which is now operational. Not too distant past, Secretary Jesus Dureza visited the town and witnessed the problems specially in the difficulty of residents during nightime having no electricity. With the able and pro-active leadership of Mayor Marcos Mamay with support from the SB members and other key officials, the town has now gained breakthrough that gave the people new opportunities and hope.

Recently, OPAPP initialy released 17.3 million worth as part of the 90 million Solar Electrification budget. Huge street lights are now operating in various communities of Nunungan. In 2019 it is projected that the solar power connections will be distributed to the entire municipality.

According the the town mayor, “ I am elated with the support of the national government pouring much projects and resources to alleviate the lives of the people of Nunungan. Thank you President Duterte, Secretary Dureza, Usec Flores, Sir Allan Almoite including provincial officials and all other key partners who helped us achieved all these things happening in our beloved town, “ Mayor Mamay elaborated.