Power’, in simple terms, refers to the ability to influence decision making. Handling power must be cultivated with values, check and balance. Person in power should also think about the interests of the future generation. Looking beyond self interest would require having a clear definition of ‘power’ in mind.

Political maturity is not all about being beginner or traditional but it depends on the genuinity , passion and selfless projection on how to help the basic masses who have been living in the milieu of abject poverty. Leaders know the cause and effects of poverty, it needs unity of ridding it. But foremost, we need to have serving leaders with a heart.

Best example of a kind-hearted yet visionary leader in the present generation is the mayor of Nunungan – Mayor Marcos Mamay . He entered politics in May 2016, the only PDP LABAN in Lanao del Norte won over a veteran political rival in mayoralty race. Mayor Mamay is the 13th of the 15 siblings in the family. He surpassed hardships to gain success, a working student and scholar in college at MSU IIT-Iligan City.

He entered PMA Academy in the year 1999. As a former PMA cadet he internalized the importance of personal discipline towards work especially now that he is leading a certain municipality, he heeds different personalities to help him attain his plans to change Nunungan to soar and be declared as the a developed and promising LGU in this part of the country.

True to their promises, the current set officials of Nunungan now are now gearing towards making the town into a tourism and economic hub. Contruction of a 900 million circumrential road that would connect the towns of Nunungan, Sapad and Sultan Naga Dimaporo is on the offing.

This infrastructure project is a reality of Mayor Mamay’s childhood whimsy to make the impossible road – possible. Due to the effort of Mayor Mamay’s administration with support from provincial and national agencies it only take one hour now in going up to Nunungan town proper.

Prior to his office as Mayor of Nunungan, being an ordinary concern citizen he wrote to President Aquino requesting for road concreting for Sapad-Nunungan-Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND) corridor . The project was approved with the help of different government officials in the province and in the region. Now it’s timely that the project is on its current implementation during the first term of office of Mayor Mamay.