The word “date” bears no similarity but they share a common thread. A date that brings two people together, and a fruit that unites one of the largest and most diverse communities—the Islamic world. Thus, the provincial government of Lanao del Norte headed by Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo considers “date distribution” as part of its commitment for the continuance of unity for Muslim residents in the province.

In the holy Quran dates mentioned 23 times. It symbolizes wealth and abundance and has significance in Islamic history and cultures. Indeed, officials of Muslim municipalities who are recipients of the distribution elated with the culture of giving and sharing that construed the real meaning of the celebration of Eid’l Adha 2019 (Feast of Sacrifice).

Mayor Marcos Mamay considered the distribution of “Dates and Goods in Nunungan” as a gesture of genuine commitment of the province and his administration as municipal mayor for sustainable understanding among Muslim residents.

“We shared common belief that genuine development can be achieved through harmonious existence among our people. Our Muslim brothers are now contributing this effort with belief that no one else but the people themselves are actors and builders of their brighter future especially for Nununganians”, Mayor Mamay cited. ( Photo Courtesy: Salacodin Mamay)