The officials of Department of Tourism (DOT)-10 with key partners from the private and public sector recently visited the town of Nunungan to witness the progress of the town’s initiative for farm-tourism development.

DOT – 10 Regional Director Marie Elaine Unchuan said the town has three lakes, five caves and four waterfalls and a wide agriculture land area that if well-developed could surpass tourism potentials of Baguio and other places of the country.

“These potentials can only be found in Nunungan town, wala ni sa ubang lugar diri sa region 10, I’m here today together with my ARD to witness personally the beauty of these areas,” RD Unchuan said.

Nunungan Mayor Marcos Mamay lauded RD Unchuan’s visit and for enticing more tourists to visit the town and possible recommendation of implementing more roads “to provide direct access to the town’s tourist spots”.

One of the sites visited by RD Unchuan was the Nunungan Lake. It is considered as one of the potential areas currently prioritized for development. In fact, the town has started installing floating rides to attract more visitors. Also part of the long-range tourism plan is to set up Zip line (crossing the lake), Cable Car to let tourists witness the beauty of the remaining protected forests and putting-up Board Walk to ensure the convenience of visitors.

The protected area of Nunungan covers the barangays of Iniaon, Pantar, Karkum, Taraka, Canibungan, Caluda, Mangun, Rarab, Sungod, Malaig and Cabasaran.

DOT-10 believes boosting the promotion and development of tourism of the town will boost local economy that provides another source of income to its people.