Two well-known and influential Muslim personalities have shown their all-out support to the initiatives of incumbent Mayor Marcos Mamay that transformed the municipality of Nunungan from obscurity to the center of public attention that started during he was elected as municipal mayor in 2016.

Veteran Actor Robin Padilla invited Mayor Mamay recently in a family gathering in his residence @ Fairview, Quezon City with the King of Moro Songs Khomeini Bansuan. Bansuan has been very visible in conducting concert in the communities of Nunungan in the past weeks as gesture of allegiance to the TEAM MAMAY.

Also, Robin Padilla aired the same impression that TEAM MAMAY is the only key for attaining sustainable peace and development of the town and proven already in just a short period of time or less than two years.

“He has amazing determination and a purpose-driven leader”, Padilla said.