Successful municipalities do a few things very well when it comes to sustainable development.  Perhaps most important, they prioritize aggressively, make smart investments in high-impact projects and initiatives, and ensure that government is a leader—not a follower—on economic and sustainability issues. Local officials of Nunungan eyed to prioritize infrastructure, seetling feuds and provision of  rural livelihood.

These powerful prescription is the belief of the current municipal mayor of Nunungan – Mayor Marcos Mamay. He, together with the current LGU officials and barangay leaders  are driving the municipality into right track and making strong progress and  needs to step up its efforts aggressively to pull out its people from the bondage of abject poverty and join the ranks of  more prosperous and productive ( coastal municipalities) of the province.

To improve the well-being of its citizens, Nunungan needs a concerted effort in three areas; Peace and Order, Livelihood and Infrastructure Development. The national government commits to support for the realization of the projects in Nunungan under the administration of President Duterte.

To note, Mayor Mamay during the campaign with his team in Nunungan was the only political group in the province running under the Digong’s Party – the PDP Laban. Thus, local officials of Nunungan believe that the national government would give astounding support to the municipality in terms of infrastructure development that would pave the way  to a more progressive municipality.