The Mamantuc and Lucman families locked in for several years of  clan war that exacted fatalities on both sides, never thought they could live in peace again until they signed a truce before a Qurâan recently in the presence of Nunungan officials led by Mayor Marcos Mamay.

The conflict stemmed from political enmity and bickerings for control of  parcels  of land that resulted in attacks that challenged each other’s (maratabat) or  family pride and honor. Rido’s among muslim clans led to dislocation of dozens of families and affects the peace and order situation of the province.

The reconciliation rite held at the satellite office of Nunungan in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. Warring clans agreed to mend their differences through the joint intercession of the local officials of Nunungan with the presence of PNP officials led by Chief PINSP. Roylan Jumalon.