The officials and members of United NUNUNGAN International Association (UNIA) working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have gathered together under one roof for second time in a row to reiterate their gesture of support as one family even they are miles away from their beloved home town, Nunungan.

No less than the Mayor of the town, Marcos Mamay with his son Angelo (GMA Artist, Youth Ambassador for Peace, Lanao del Norte Provincial Ambassador of Goodwill) attended the said gathering together with other UNIA members who are also coming from other part of KSA area.

“Being miles away is not the reason why our unity being Nununganians become uncertain. Thanks to all for the support making our UNIA 2nd reunion possible. Kahit saang dako ng mundo nagkakaisa ang Nununganians. That’s the reason why I’m here today as their Mayor to realize their aspirations, GOD willing”, Mayor Mamay said.

Nununganians who attended the said event were elated with the support of NCMF Secretary Saidamen Balt Pangarungan.

The event was part of the itinerary of a group of pilgrims from Nunungan attended in the Hajj 2019 in the sacred city of Meccah, Saudi Arabia.