Director Cosanie Derogongan, of the Bureau of Peace and Conflict Resolution (BPCR), National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) visited recently the town of Nunungan with his team to evaluate any possible interventions that their office could extend for sustaining the town’s development initiatives.

Aside from the lakeside discussion, NCMF officials also conducted “wild berry picking” which now became well-known attraction for domestic tourists and visitors.

According to Derogongan, “my better half insisted to join the team visit because she really wanted to experience actual wild berry picking here. We want to extend our gratitude to the LGU officials headed by Mayor Mamay for all their efforts in transforming Nunungan from being dormant into well-developed town in the country”.

Delicious wild berries in Nunungan grow along the sunny banks and around forest edge, along roadsides or even hillsides.

“We can look for these wild berries usually from May to October, depending on the climate. Indeed, we are very happy that picking of these wild berries became prodigious here in our town because it adds the opportunity of the people to really appreciate our potential tourist sites”, Mayor Mamay explained.