Nunungan farmers received corn seeds as part of the Seed Distribution Program under the Corn Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

The DA distributed Hybrid Seed Corn purposely to increase the productivity of local farmers.

“Corn could be planted in our backyards and in schools. It also helps the nutritional status of the residents as substitute for junk foods,” DA official said.

Nunungan residents benefit the hastily implementation of projects from the national government that helped much the farming sector like the availability of access roads, pre and post-harvest facilities including availability of seeds.
“We are grateful with the benevolence of government agencies like DA because of giving adequate support for Nununganian’s”, Mayor Mamay said.

Corn is considered the second most important crop in the Philippines. About 14 million Filipinos prefer white corn as their main staple while yellow corn being processed as component of livestock mixed feeds.

Based on data, about 600,000 farm households in our country depend on corn as a major source of livelihood, in addition to transport services, traders, processors, and agricultural input suppliers who directly benefit from corn production, processing and marketing and distribution.