Local officials of the municipality of Nunungan believed the vitality and importance of positive workplace relationships as key towards attaining success. As prelude for 2019, a fellowship was held recently participated by all municipal elected officials, LGU Nunungan and National Line Agencies’ employees. Mere purpose was to bond and interfaced each other to know the directions for the calendar year aside from partying together from dusk to dawn.

According to Mayor Mamay relationships can positively or negatively affect the performance and satisfaction of employees job, the ability to advance and gain recognition for your achievements.

“If all employees have positive relationships, you feel more comfortable with your interactions and less intimidated by others. You feel a closer bond to the people you spend the majority of your time working with”,Mamay said.

The night was full of excitement because the municipality of Nunungan gained a lot of local, national and even international recognitions and awards in 2018 as clear lamentation of best performance of its local elected officials with the full support of all the municipal employees.