The municipality of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte hosted the 2018 Lanao del Norte Month of Peace – Panagtagbo sa Kalinaw attended by multi-stakeholders representatives of the province. This year’s theme, “ Sustaining the Gains of Peace Processes and Stability in Lanao del Norte for Social Justice” reflects the effort of civil society, religous and the government for sustainable peace and development of the province by assuring continous understanding amongst its people.

Board Member Tawantawan Cauntongan, represented the provincial governor and met other participants expressing their unending commitment to support the continuing efforts of lasting peace and development.

“It is nice to hear the commitment of stakeholders attending the event. Our peace building effort segued with the responsibility of our provincial leaders headed by Governor Angging to support the commitment  of sustaining peace and development,” BM Cauntongan explained during short conversation with Mayor Mamay of Nunungan.

The municipality of Nunungan has been tagged as one of the municipalities in Lanao del Norte that vigorously campaigning for unity and development. Thus, the current leadership of Mayor Mamay recieved much tangible projects for his town as a return of his well-known advocacy of  bridring the gaps and fixed misundertanding among Maranao’s living in the area.

Also present during the event was Mindanao Development Authority (MDA) Chairman Datu Abul Khayr Alonto who gave assurance of support to Lanao del Norte communities particularly for Nunungan town.

“The town’s leader – Mayor Marcos Mamay collaboration with personalities in the national and local level is significant to materialize his pursuit of having a municipality that would level up with the coastal towns in terms of new opportunities, provisions of basic infrastructures like roads, bridges, water and electricity and others with effort of setting up the minds of its people that  genuine development can be achieved if there is lasting peace and understanding. That all his plans are reachable if all the people in Nunungan will rally behind his projections for the betterment of all Nununganians,”  MDA Chair Alonto said.