For the well-implementation of the cash-for-work- project, MSWDO-Nunungan expressed their warm gratitude to the very supportive and energetic Honorable Mayor Marcos M. Mamay and the DSWD-10, along with the MAT-Nunungan, AFP, PNP, and other LGU-Nunungan staff, for their invaluable service to the people.

Cash-for-work is a short-term intervention to provide temporary employment to distressed/displaced individuals by participating in the communal garden activity in the community. The community identifies work areas/programs under the leadership of local leaders. In exchange for the work rendered, program recipients are provided with cash to meet their requirements for food and other basic necessities.

Mayor Mamay is grateful to the MSWDO, DSWD10, and other stakeholders for the realization of the project. He hoped that soon, all things, including work opportunities, would be available to the constituents, especially those significantly affected by the pandemic.