The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Nunungan this time of COVID 19 pandemic has prioritized projects that would augment peoples’ daily subsistence.

Thus, a livelihood program package from the Department of Agriculture (DA) comprised of Ready to Lay/Laying Hens with Feeds and Cages was turned-over to initial recipients witnessed by local officials of Nunungan led by Mayor Marcos Mamay with key personnel of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Recipient farmers are residents of Masibay, Paridi, Abaga and Katubuan.

The RTL project draws appreciation from Nununganians saying that the initiative is noble and appropriate to the current needs of the people considering that chicken meat can be ready for harvest in a short period and the hens as layers for eggs can begin to produce eggs at around four months of age and a good hen lays an egg a day for the whole year.

“Thank you so much to the Department of Agriculture for another Livelihood Project amounted to 7 Millions Ready to Lay / Laying Hens with Feeds and Cages for 4 barangays as beneficiaries, MAO Carmen Bularon and our colleagues from DA, thank you for your boundless efforts in making this project a successful one,” Mayor Marcos Mamay stressed.

“This would surely enhance people’s livelihood and farmers with opportunities to earn more income and to teach chicken farmers the improved technology in raising chicken,” MAO Carmen Bularon said.