The prioritization of road projects in the town of Nunungan is considered essential and imperative because roads are indeed the arteries through which the economy pulses. Now, aside from road development, the local officials’ of Nunungan headed by Mayor Marcos Mamay, with the benevolence of the national government and the provincial officials of Lanao del Norte lead by Governor Imelda Angging Quibranza-Dimaporo teamed-up to “bridge the gap” aimed to materialize links from producers to markets, workers to the job, students to school, and the sick to the medical facility. Thus, without these access roads, any development agenda will turn futile.

Even this time of COVID 19 pandemic, the projects of the municipality reflected on its plan have been realized without jeopardizing the essential needs of Nununganians during this trying time.

The less-privileged residents in the town of Nunungan have been benefited substantially from these rural road networks (like the implementation of Sapad-Nunungan-SND Circumferential Road) through access to government services such as health, education, agricultural extension, and provision of information and now the town is focusing on eco-tourism initiatives that would surely generate local livelihood.

Improved roads in Nunungan town created the conditions for better access of people to services, and of services to the communities. This kind of improvement reduces the impression of being isolated and being neglected among the poor and very poor residents of the town.

To top it all, Nunungan officials are on the right track in realizing significant programs and projects instrumental in attaining its development vision to pull out the less-privileged residents from abject poverty.