Leading a local government spends a lot of time in sacrificing basic private comforts in favor of public service as there are changes that any leader could encounter. There would be times when public obligation goes beyond the limits of the mandates, goals and objectives that an LGU would want to pursue. There would be challenges to cope especially in aligning priority projects for the general populace.

In depth understanding on various concern,  issues and complaints is what makes a leader effective in performing of his/her mandated functions. The measure of efficiency in leadership is how the leader transforms policies into developments. The outcomes of these measures should go through tests to ensure that all projects, programs and activities truly represent what the people want to achieve.

Mayor Marcos Mamay is a neophyte in the field of local governance. Though, people’s trust on his leadership is unquestionable. Being a newcomer in politics does not preclude Mayor Mamay from pursuing whatever local development agenda has been perfected in his first six months of incumbency.

His priorities are reflected in his  Three Point Development Masterplan that is – Peace and Order, Livelihood and Infrastructure Development.

Mayor Marcos Mamay is a neophyte public servant having had no experience in politics. His social inclination evolved mainly within the points of his family.  But with the advent of time and call of duty, the peoples’ choice not to remain naive with the situation in Nunungan being deprived of having genuine development for decades is inexcusable. He was elected into office by Nunungan electors and took oath as the Local Chief Executive on July of 2016.

He committed to continue what has been started and at the same time implement various projects and programs promised during the elections, re-direct development through the formulation of an action agenda, and motivate people through change in culture and progress specially the long ridden agony the implementation of access roads that connect Nunungan to coastal areas and the perenial problem that affects the lives of his peole  – the RIDO or the family feud.

In his six months in office, as part of the Transition phase various programs and activities have been undertaken with Mayor Mamay’s leadership.