In the heart of Mindanao, an inspiring tale unfolds as Mayor Marcos Mamay of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte, unveils his remarkable life journey through the silver screen in the much-anticipated biopic, “Mamay: The Great Man of Nunungan.”

This cinematic masterpiece promises not just entertainment but also a profound exploration of one man’s mission to transform his community and challenge stereotypes about Muslim territories.

The movie sheds light on the challenges Mayor Mamay faced during his upbringing, including his dedication to academic excellence and his involvement in family feuds, or “rido.”

The film highlights his unyielding commitment to peace and development, tranAsforming Nunungan into a thriving community during his tenure.

“Mamay: The Great Man of Nunungan” boasts a stellar cast, led by Jeric Raval, who brilliantly embodies the life of Mayor Marcos Mamay. Ara Mina portrays his supportive wife, while Teejay Marquez captures the essence of the young Mamay. Backed by an ensemble of actors and directed by Neal “Buboy” Tan, the film weaves an advocacy in making a positive impact in the industry.

Mayor Mamay’s foray into the film industry marks a significant step towards empowering local talent in Mindanao. His role as the Executive Adviser of the Actor’s Guild reflects his commitment to creating job opportunities for artists and workers behind the scenes. With his enthusiasm and determination, he envisions Mindanao’s film industry standing shoulder to shoulder with those in Metro Manila, fostering a vibrant cinematic landscape in the region.

“Mamay: The Great Man of Nunungan” is more than a film. Viewers are welcomed to witness an incredibly inspirational journey—from an ordinary man to a remarkable leader. Mayor Mamay’s legacy goes beyond the screen, making a lasting impact on the hearts of the audience.